Friday, 29 March 2013

Chapter 26: Only

Who will still miss a person that hurt you so much? Apparently, I do. I really miss the old Ginny. Although Lanny spends time with me every day. But, our relationship is slightly different. We aren't couples now, but best friends. He wanted to date me again, but I rejected. Now is not the time to talk about love, but about friendship. He's been giving me hugs and some advice these days. I love him, but I need to think about my old friend. I'm still thinking what to do .I  don't want to hurt her or anything. I just want to be honest with me and tell me the truth. I know she wouldn't be so calm and let me go that easily, she will find a way to get revenge.

That night after school, Ginny came knocking at my door. I was curious.  I opened the door. There were not a single of The Fabs but only Ginny. Ginny was crying.  She said The Fabs humiliated her. She was in my arms,  I  tried to comfort her. I was happy because Ginny still think that I'm her friend. I told Ginny to stay at my house but she refused.  I thought the whole thing will end, but it didn't. 

The next afternoon at school, I saw Ginny eating alone at the cafeteria.  The Fabs were at they're usual table gossiping about Ginny. I took my tray and sat next to Ginny. Ginny didn't say a word until she finished her food. "Can you come to my house after school?" she asked. "Sure!" I said. Finally after so long!

I went to Ginny's mansion.  Oh yeah, forgotten to mention about it. Ginny is a rich girl and lives in a mansion.  She had parties in her house so many times that I couldn't even count. We walked to her room. Her servant gave me a glass of orange juice. When I was about to drink it, Ginny tripped on my leg and poured her whole glass of orange juice on me. I quickly ran to get tissues.  But then, Ginny said she could lend me her dress so I went and change.

When I was back, she was smiling at me and we talked about how we met. I finished the whole glass of orange juice because it taste so good. When I was about to leave,  I felt groggy and dizzy. I couldn't stand and I passed out.

When I woke up, I felt very cold. I suddenly felt like I'm naked. I was really naked. My clothes were scattered on the floor. There was a guy beside me, I screamed. Ginny and The Fabs came out from the bathroom.  They were laughing and holding a camera. I cried and tried to take my take my clothes.  But, the guy press me on the bed, I cried, I struggled. He tried to kiss me but I managed to hit him in the balls. I took my clothes and ran to the bathroom.

I ran out of her house. I cried. I feel dirty. I don't know who to tell, so I phoned Lanny. I was sitting at the bench at the park, Lanny ran towards me and sat on the bench beside me. I hugged him. I cried. He hugged me tightly and and I cried.  "It's alright,  I'll be with you no matter what okay? Don't cry " he whispered.  I cried and let him go. I didn't know what to do. I haven't tell him what happen yet. He must be guessing.  Before he ask, I stopped crying and told him the truth. He didn't say a word and walked away, I followed him. 

He ran to Ginny's house. The guards were stopping him but he kicked them in the balls. He ran in and shouted. "WHERE IS GINNY PERKINS . GET OUT NOW! " Ginny came out from somewhere and gave a nasty look. Lanny went to her and slapped her. " YOU NASTY GIRL! SHE WAS YOUR FRIEND!  HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO HER? " Lanny yelled. "Because I hate her!" Ginny said. Lanny didn't know what to do. He just pulled my hand and stormed out of her house.

I was at his house lying on his arm. Maybe our relationship changed again. He was comforting me when I was crying. I love him. But maybe he doesn't love me anymore.  He kissed me on the cheek. I hugged him and we kissed.  He was chewing my lip, it felt great. But then it was getting late , so I went back home. I was still really sad. Really really sad.

People were pointing and laughing at me as I walk into the school hallway. I wanted to know why. A very nice friend, Amanda saw me and pulled me into the washroom.  "Your video is trending! " she said. "What video?" I ask. She showed me the video. I cried when I was watching the video. It was the video of the guy raping me. I ran out of the washroom and ran out of the school. I covered myself with my blanket. I don't want to see anyone except for Lanny. He's the only one who can comfort me. But things just like to happen. Ginny came with The Fabs and my mom let them in because mom has no idea what had happened. They came and they showed me the video.  I tried to get them out of my room but they slapped me. Revenge. They told me to go to Ginny's house to stop all these on this coming Wednesday.  I didn't go anywhere, not even school. I am embarrassed.

The internet is talking about me. But, my parents still have no idea about it. They don't care about me. I went to Ginny's house.  The Fabs and her were waiting for me at the room. Then, I saw the guy who raped me. I was afraid. "Go on girls! " said Belinda.  They surrounded me. Ginny blocked the door. That guy, Eddie, came and push me to the bed. "Hey baby, let's do it again" he said. "No, let me go!"I said. "No baby, I love that day I love you and your body. " he said. I tried to struggle, but he pressed too hard. He forced me to kiss him, but I pushed him. Then, The Fabs tied me on the bed. I cried. Eddie opened the buttons on my top. "Come on baby, let's do it. " he said. He starts kissing my back and pulls my top off me. I cried and cried. He wanted to take of my bra, but I started yelling.  "WHY CAN'T YOU GUYS JUST LET ME GO? " I cried. But, as he wanted to take off my bra, someone kicked Ginny's door. It was Lanny. He untie the string on my wrist and I hided behind him. He then breaks a glass on the table and scolded them. He pulled me out of her house. He let me wear his jacket.  Then, I cried in his arms. To calm me down, he kissed me. I went to his house. That's the only place I feel comfortable.

We couple again. I love him because of him. He's brave, hot, honest and I love. Don't go away Lanny, I need you very much.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chapter 25 : Cry

Ginny is spending lesser and lesser time with me. I'm curious. She should me with me yesterday at the cafe but then she said that she's not free. I mean, not free? Ginny Perkins, you don't have a boyfriend, you are not close with your parents, you don't have a best friend except for me. I followed her one day and saw she went in to a guy's house. It was Lanny's. I pretended that I didn't see a thing and tried to phone her. " Hello Ginny! Where are you now? " I asked. " Erm, I'm at home and I'm not free now, I'll call you back later " Ginny said. She put down the phone before I did. She lied. She really lied. I didn't know what to do. She was my only friend when my parents don't spend time with me and I don't have a boyfriend.

I was checking my e-mail and I saw Lanny's e-mail. I clicked it and it made me cry. Here it goes : " Dear Marty,
I really really love you. I didn't cheat on you. That girl that you saw me kissing in my room was Ginny. I'm sorry. She forced me to kiss her, or she will tell the whole school that I raped her. I didn't! She was the one who took off her clothes in front of me and made me touch her. She took photos of  it. I'm sorry Marty, I never loved her. She's the one who think that she rules the world. I hate her. I really love you. I send this e-mail to you is to tell you that your friend is a jerk. I didn't want to tell you at first , because I didn't want to ruin your friendship between the both of you, but I couldn't resist her coming to my house in the middle of the night and disturbing me. I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry.
I cried. I cried for the whole night. My eyes were so red the next day. People were looking at me in school and asking me whether I'm feeling well. I saw Ginny. She was standing. " I know what happen and I hate it. Why do you want to do that?! " I shouted. People were looking at us, I didn't care, I want more people to know about this. " Oh, so you know that. Look at yourself ugly, you are not as pretty as I am. Lanny will love me more! " Ginny said with a flirty voice. " To be honest, Blake actually loves you, but he was desperate for money. I told him that he could get money if he helps me. Belinda helped me too!" She continued. I gave a slap. She was so flirty, I just couldn't stand it. I want her to feel the way I do.

I went to The Fabs and I saw her there. I poured cold water all over her body. She was drenched. She got laugh by those people in school because she doesn't wears a bra and the shirt was thin. Everyone can see her nipples. She was embarrassed  and she ran away.

I was laughing and laughing and suddenly I cried. I miss her, the old her. I really really miss her. I miss the crazy, funking , happy and kind Ginny. I cried. Again.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Chapter 24: Forget

I was walking towards my house after I had a jogged I'm still sad and hurt after what happened. He broke my heart. But I told myself that I have to be strong. I saw him on my way. I tried to hide, but he say me. I was running away, but he managed to hold my hand. " What happened babe?  Why are you ignoring my calls? " he said. "You should know what you've done. I trusted you and you betrayed me. I thought you were nothing like him, but you were.  I think we need to stop seeing each other for a while.  I love you, but please let us just be friends. " I said and I walked away.  I was crying.  I never thought that I could be so strong. I still love him.

We broke up. I'm so sad. But, I still have Ginny. She comfort me and let me hug her. She was a great friend. I love her. I still can't forget him, I was wondering what is he doing now? Thinking about me? Or with that girl? I don't know. I really don't know.

Ms Lalaina , our English teacher gave us test and I couldn't even answer a single question.  All I thought was Lanny. I didn't know what to do. I opened my book and tried to find answers. It was too late. She saw me and I got detention.  I am moody and I hate everything for now. I went there and came home late. Mum scolded me again and said I'm grounded.  I hate mum suddenly.  I hate everything now. Maybe because of Lanny. Ginny was the only one who understands and she was what I've got. Ginny told me to stay strong,  she'll not get in love anymore and we'll get old together. I believed her. We went everywhere together. We went to the mall and bought a lot of clothes. We hang out almost everyday,  but Ginny always says that she needs to go back home to help her mom when we were shopping halfway.

I forgot about that guy. All I have now is Ginny, Ginny and Ginny. We are best friends forever, and nothing can break our friendship.  I love her as a friend.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Chapter 23 : You were like him

Ginny and I were walking towards the kitchen for some food. Mum made us some homemade chocolate chip cookies. We took some and we headed to my room. Ginny said the cookies were awesome. She suddenly talked about Lanny. She asked me why didn't I ask Lanny to come here.  I said that he has to help his mother to for the garage sale. She asked me why I love Lanny and what I like about him. I told her love is blind. I love him because of everything.  He's perfect for me. She sound so weird.  From that look of hers.  She's like another person. After talking to her for a while, she went home. 

Mum told me to bring some cookies to Lanny so that he could have a rest. I walked there and I saw Mrs. Popper, Lanny's mother.  She told me that Lanny is in his room and a tall girl came to find him too. I was wondering who is it.

I was walking towards his room and I heard a girl's voice. "Oh Lanny, you're so kind." After that, there was no sound coming out from his room. I peep through the hole from his room.  I saw him kissing a girl,  the girl's back was facing me,I couldn't see who is it. My tears rolled down to my cheek. He didn't see me,  I cried.  I ran out from his house.  Mrs Popper asked me why,  but I didn't answer.

I was hurt.  He phoned me at night but I ignored his calls.  I didn't eat dinner too, I just locked myself in my room. I was asking myself, why am I so naive. He's just like Blake, a useless jerk.

Ginny phoned me and I told her everything. She came over and gave me a long hug. I cried the whole night.  He was perfect for me and I was too for me. She stayed with me for the whole night.

Why did he betray me? I love him.  I used to have everything and now Ginny is what I've got. There's something fishy here, I must investigate.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Chapter 22 : I don't know

I saw Ginny at school. She tried to avoid me. I didn't care. I walked with Missy to the classroom. Ginny was Belinda,chit chatting again.I don't know what to do. Should I talk to her? Or avoid her? I don't know. She walked to me. She gave me a paper. I opened it.

Dear Marty,
I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. I'm sorry. I lost control. I'm really sorry. Help me to say sorry to Lanny.

                                      Love, Ginny.

I don't know what to do. Again. I feel weird. I told Lanny about it. He told me to forgive her. I want to, but I don't feel that way. I sort of hate her. Why? I must stop hating her. I phone her. I told her I forgive her and I understand it. She was relieved. I feel relief too. I feel weird. Really weird.

Lanny and I hanged out at a shop call "I Don't Know" . I told Lanny I don't know because I don't know. I nearly break down and cry.  Lanny hugged me and told me that he will be with me no matter what. He said it doesn't matter if I don't know.  I hugged him. He said he love me. I was in his arms. Crying, sadly..I love him and Ginny. I decided to forgive her since she was with me when I was down.  I forgave her.

I pretended nothing happened between the three of us. I was back to normal. Nothing happened.  It was just a dream.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chapter 21: I can't believe

Lanny and I were walking at the mall to buy presents for our friend's barbeque party. We were holding hands,choosing together.Suddenly,  someone bang me and I fell on the ground. My hand was bleeding and knee got scratch.  Lanny helped my up and bought some medicine for me. He applied it carefully and hug me. He said he was scared that I will get bruises.  I kiss him know the cheek and told him I was alright. Well, sort of. We found the perfect gift and we bought it.

Lanny was waiting outside of my house. He was so hot in is shirt and jeans. I walked down slowly with smile on my face. He said I was beautiful. I'm glad that we could go to the party together. Our friend, Heather organized this party so that we could meet each other again. When we reached there,Heather opened the door and saw us holding hands. We both blush. We went in and we saw Ginny sitting there alone. I went over to call her. She saw Lanny and smile to him. I was frozen. Hello, I'm your best friend and he's nothing to you.I didn't care. Lanny went over to talk to the boys and I went over to talk to the girls. Somehow, Ginny feels sad and lonely. I looked around and I finally know why. Everyone there was coupled, except Ginny. We chatted so long until I felt thirsty. I took to glasses  ,one for Lanny and one for me. I couldn't find Lanny nor Ginny. I walked to the garden. I saw them chatting. I wanted to walk to them. Until Ginny sat closer to Lanny. She went near him. She kissed him. I saw it. The whole process. I was shocked,afraid and frozen. I dropped the two glasses to the ground. They looked at me. I cried. I ran to the door. "Marty,let me explain. "Lanny said as he ran after me. Everybody was looking at me.  I got out from Heather house and I ran further. Lanny was behind. Lanny managed to stop me. He tried to explain but I struggled. He hugged me. I cried out loud. Then,  we kissed. He explained to me. He told me that Ginny wanted to talk to him. She even pulled her dress lower. Lanny thought she just wanna some talk. But she didn't. She tugged her hair behind her ear and touched Lanny's hand. He pulled it away. Then,she kissed him. I don't know who to trust. I told Lanny that I don't know. He pushed me to the wall. "I love you more than anything. I swear, I never liked Ginny. She can't beat you. "Lanny said. "I know. But, I couldn't believe Ginny. "I said. " You know what?".Lanny said. I wanted to answer him. Before I could,  I realized his lips were on mine. We kissed. Lanny took me home after that.

I couldn't believe. Ginny changed. She tried to break Lanny and I apart. I wouldn't let this happen anymore. I swear. I wouldn't.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chapter 20: Curious

Ginny was so sad. I have no choice but to take her along with me to have dinner with Lanny..I thought Lanny would mind, but he said Ginny is my best friend. She was with me when I was feeling down,I should be with her. Lanny was waiting for us at that steak house. Ginny felt happier. We ordered our food and drinks and we started chatting.  "So...........what's today's plan? If you guys mind, I can go back now. " Ginny said. "No, don't be silly. Why would we mind?" I said as I looked at Lanny. Actually, I did mind. But, she's still my friend.I can't do that. When our drink came, Ginny accidentally tripped her drink and it poured onto my dress. I
quickly went to the washroom. The dress was ruin. I tried using water but it was useless. When I went out,  I saw Ginny and Lanny were laughing happily. Their food was on the table and Lanny had his food all over his mouth. Ginny took her cloth and clean his mouth. I don't know why.  I feel jealous. Me. Jealous. I quickly walked to them.  I pretended nothing happen.I feel sad.

Lanny and I were.holding hands, walking on the beach. I sulked my face. Lanny saw me. He asked me why. I him. I said I'm fine when I feel so jealous and sad. I wasn't in a mood to walk on the beach. I sat on the sand, thinking.  He looked at me. His blue sparkling eyes looked at me and he asked me why. I said nothing. I hugged him. I looked at him and he kissed me. He asked whether if I felt better. I nodded. We laid on the sand. We hugged each other. Somehow,  I forgotten about that.  Now I only know that Lanny loves me.

Ginny was talking to Belinda.  Belinda looked at me with her evil eyes. Ginny came over and told me that she will be eating lunch with Belinda. I was lonely. Again. Suddenly,  Missy came over. She talked to me. Well, luckily there's still a friend. A reliable friend. She told me that Ginny is weird. Ginny asked Belinda how to flirt guys. I'm starting to get worry. I'm curious.  Why would Ginny ask this type of question. If she ask,who is that guy? OMG! No! Not Lanny! I controlled my emotions and pretended nothing happened.  I don't want to let Missy know. I'm afraid I'll lose him. That guy I love.

I was helping mum to cook and I  accidentally cut my finger when I was cutting the carrot. I was thinking when I was cutting.  I stop thinking when I cut my finger. Blood was coming out and I was still thinking. Mum saw me and quickly help me to stop the blood. She asked what happen and I said I am fine. I lied again. I couldn't help. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I couldn't stop thinking about him,so I phoned Lanny. "Hey babe,  why aren't  you asleep. It's so late. " he asked. "I don't know. I just can't.  " I said. "Still thinking about Ginny in our date."he asked. "Nope. What do you think about Ginny?"I asked. "She's fun,kind and smart. Why do you ask about that?"he asked. "Nothing, just asking. What about me?"I asked. "You are everything.  You're perfect.  And I love you. Why are you asking questions like that? " he asked. "Nothing, I'm just doing some research about friends." I answered. We said goodbye and I hung up the phone.

I don't know why. I feel curious.  I should believe my boyfriend and my best friend.  Ginny wouldn't do that. She wouldn't.  Missy must have mistaken.  Oh well. I can't sleep. My brain is still thinking. I should stop. Now.